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We fight dust by making sure that the air is clean! Dust emissions in the wood processing trade and in the industry are a considerable cost factor that one is frequently not aware of. Pollution as the result of dust, chippings, sawdust etc. trigger consequential costs on a large scale. This entails daily cleanup work such as wiping, dusting, blowing off, "scooping out", "searching" etc. Tidiness and cleanliness are prerequisites for working efficiently and cleanly! Production facilities, machinery, appliances and hand tools, as well as operating floors, offices and material stores, in particular the small parts store, require continuous cleaning and dedusting. The insufficient efficiency of the exhaust systems has a direct effect on the processing results achieved with the machinery, especially in sanding as well as in metal cutting work. The negative effects on the employees, their health, the risk of accidents as well as the general climate at the workplace cannot be underestimated. A clean workstation leads to improved efficiency and thus to a better result!

Our offer: Filter hoses, filter bags, dust bags, filter cloths etc. according to sample or made to measure, directly from Rohrbach - reasonably priced and fast!

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