Calemard Zuschnittmaschine  Schlaeuche  Baendchen

Hoses, small tapes

With our new cutting machines, we can manufacture tapes, segments and tubular tape efficiently and with extreme precision. To make tubular tape, two layers of filter media are simultaneously cut to an endless tube with heated blades and fused. A multitude of sizes, even very small ones, is possible.

Segments that are fused on one end and open on the other end either cut either by cold embossing or by ultrasound and fused at the ends. This is ideal for the manufacture of bags, or where the fluid is to flow directly through the textile. For many applications, the quality of the more cost-efficient, cold-embossed segments is sufficient.

Many customers prefer to receive their filter media pre-cut into narrow strips already. The rolls can be cut cost-efficiently by applying heat. If higher accuracy and better quality are asked for, the textiles can also be separated by use of ultrasound. 


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