Liquid separation, drying in the food industry

We manufacture according to your wishes. The applications are diverse, be it in pasta production, the milk or the sugar industry, etc. Furthermore, fats and oils are separated, liquids (beverages) are filtered or a variety of other products are dried. This is where vacuum belt dryers or belt dryers are used.

We can serve you competently with our wide variety of synthetic textiles made of polyamide, polyester, polypropylene, PPS, ECTFE, ETFE or PTFE. The following models are available a.o. for drying belts:

·       Heat-cut edges or also reinforced with tape.
·       With metal or mono clipper closure, incl. fixing wire.
·       Under/overlap if desired.
·       Or special manufacture according to your specifications.

Our field representatives would be pleased to advise you directly on site.

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