Chemistry/pharmaceutical - Special requirements for the production of process filters

Lanz-Anliker manufactures filters for peeler centrifuges, pressure filter devices and fluid-bed dryers. Our customers from the medicine, chemistry and food industry sectors make special demands on textile quality, production, purity and packaging for the production of process filters.
We are happy to meet these requirements:

• For all makes and system models
• In all textile qualities required
• Antistatic, exact, monitored pore size
• FDA-compliant - textile and seam sealing, lint-free (no open edges)
• All seams stitched down and reinforced
• Silicone-free if required
• For all mounting systems
• Sleeve connections, exhaust hoses
• Filter discs, customised in all types of textiles and equipment


Is your filtration media FDA and EU regulation compliant?

The solution: Tetratex Contact

Tetratex Contact ePTFE filter media for food and pharmaceutical applications can be reliably integrated into food processing filtration applications which require the filtration media to come into contact with the food items, including conveying, grinding, drying etc., with a maximum operating temperature of 250°C.

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