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Continuous loop belt filters e.g. for the metal/automotive industry for use in bandpass filter installations for coolant purification. Screen belts and conveyor belts are required in very many branches of industry. A basic requirement is that the belt run is straight, and therefore we use only specially tested textiles with flawless bond here in production. Each belt filter is site-oriented and individually constructed and can be reproduced at any time to 100 % accuracy since it is stored in the system. The textile characteristics to be employed, as well as the design with respect to the number/position of catches, clasp, under/overlapping, edging, edge reinforcement, edge seal are developed together with the customer in order to achieve optimum quality and service life. This extra effort, which we are glad to put forth from conviction, makes us a popular partner to our customers.

Our textiles are also used in the injection moulding sector, e.g. as a fluff filter in the tumbler or in many other articles of daily use where accuracy and stability are required. A vast number of mesh sizes with a variety of denier are available. We gladly supply pieces cut to size or also yard goods to you.

For further information please also see semi-finished products.

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